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    Free shipping to any country for orders of 50 postcards or more.

    Shipping cost:

    Quantity Shipping cost Place of destination
    1 - 30 pieces 4.00 € / 4.40 $ / 3.16 £ Any country
    31-49 pieces 6.00 € / 6.60 $ / 4.47 £ Any country
    50 pieces and more Free Any country

    To track the shipping information you should use tracking number which is sent to your e-mail on the day of of sending the order.

    You may learn the details of order tracking here: READ MORE

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    Tracking your order

    At the end of your order you will be informed per email of the delivery process.
    Here are the emails you will receive:

    How to track your order after it being sent by post.

    To track your parcel you should enter the tracking number from e-mail #4 at any of the following tracking services:

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