Shipping cost:


 Quantity  Shipping cost  Place of destination
 1 - 40 pieces  5.45 € / 6.00 $ / 4.31 £  Any country
 41-80 pieces  8.00 € / 8.80 $ / 6.32 £  Any country
 81-180 pieces  12.50 € / 13.75 $ / 9.88 £  Any country
 181-350 pieces  17.00 € / 18.70 $ / 13.43 £  Any country
 351 pieces and more 28 .00 € / 30.80 $  / 22.12 £  Any country


  • Order shipment is carried out by mail registered parcel.
  • Paid orders are sent 3 times a week: Mon., Wed., Fri.
  • The term of delivery is approximately 2 weeks (depending on the place of destination and mail service).

To track the shipping information you should use tracking number which is sent to your e-mail on the day of of sending the order.

You may learn the details of order tracking here: READ MORE




Tracking your order


At the end of your order you will be informed per email of the delivery process.
Here are the emails you will receive:

  • 1st e-mail: Your order is successfully confirmed. You’ll receive an e-mail containing the information about your order within several minutes after its confirmation.
  •  2nd e-mail: Your order is paid. You’ll receive a notice to your e-mail immediately on your payment with PayPal or with the LiqPay system. If paying with Western Union money transfer you’ll receive a notice on giving us the details of the money transfer.
  • 3rd e-mail: your order is ready. You’ll receive a notice if your order is ready to deliver.
  • 4rth e-mail: Your order is sent. You’ll find a tracking number in the e-mail for further tracking of your order with the special tracking services.

How to track your order after it being sent by post.


To track your parcel you should enter the tracking number from e-mail #4 at any of the following tracking services: